Being pregnant is a wonderful and exciting part of a woman, its also a challenging time for us as a woman. Our emotions is over flowing, the feeling that so much change in our body, that suddenly we feel were not the same anymore.  I want you to celebrate this moment and I want you to look back into see your self how gorgeous you are carrying this wonderful baby into this world. I don't want you to look back on this moment that you wish you could have done something to make your pregnancy memorable.

I'm here to help you  document your journey from beginning til the end.

I would love to hear all your idea for your maternity shoot-the location, the dress and the make up. I want this documentary to be exciting for you and your family as well. I have over 80 beautiful dresses for you to choose from, we can set up a date for your dress fitting. You can bring your friend or family to help you to choose the dress for your maternity session, if you need a make up artist, I would be happy to  to refer you to all the make up artist I know, that would suit your taste.

Photo session time is one of the exciting part of this documentary, You need to just relax, I will have everything under control, from the dress you choose and pop up tent for you to change your dress. Im here to guide you  and your family  with posing, so I highly recommend for you to just have fun during this moment, be dolled up and just be you..

After the session, i will carefully choose all the gorgeous photo and upload them into a gallery for you to choose your favorite photo that you wanted me to edit. I recommend to take your time to choose photo's. I will update you about your photo while Im editing and I will let you have one to two preview from your photo session. If you have question Im always here happy to answer...


Pregnancy is the most special and unique moment in a mother’s life.  Growing a sweet little one inside of you is such a beautiful and perfect time for making memori                               “Now my belly is as noble as my heart.”